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Arktos Direct Primary Care

Arktos Direct Care is committed to providing our patients with comprehensive, compassionate, up-to-date medical care through a Direct Primary Care membership model.

Arktos Direct Care was created in 2018 due to the changing climate of healthcare.  As a family practice physician, Dr. Hampton was seeing some of the pitfalls of primary care.  Too often in primary care offices today, patients are experiencing long wait times, rushed office visits, and appointments offered months away.  Healthcare has moved away from being about the patient and instead is being driven by computer documentation, increasing regulations, and rising insurance premiums.  The result is increased costs to the patient, less time spent on patient care, and increased stress to providers and patients alike.  Direct primary care is an alternative to that model that aims at providing better access to high-quality healthcare at affordable, flat-fee membership rates that have shown to provide better health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Dr. Kyle Hampton, DO and Dr. Aida Yavari, DO decided that a direct primary care model offered a better opportunity to provide that high-quality care to his patients and Arktos Direct Care was established.  Arktos was designed around the idea that a small patient census, personalized care,  and accountability to the patients first and foremost would lead to better health outcomes for those patients.

Arktos also serves to allow our family practice physician providers to offer other treatment options that often times are not found at traditional primary care offices.  We believe in allowing our providers to pursue their interests of other treatment modalities in the interest of better patient care and satisfaction.  At our clinic we offer facial aesthetic treatments from physician providers, osteopathic manipulative therapy, and regenerative medicine through prolotherapy.

Arktos Direct Care is a physican-owned, patient-centered clinic focused on providing the high-quality healthcare you deserve.

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