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Arktos Direct Care began with the idea that patients deserve better care. 

Care that is personalized.  Care that is never rushed. 

Direct Primary Care that is driven by the patient-physician relationship.

Arktos Direct Care Providers

Our physicians are the driving force for better health care at Arktos Direct Care.  Meet our caring staff and providers.


Direct primary care, aesthetic medicine, osteopathic manipulation, Ketamine assisted psychotherapy, and regenerative medicine.


Learn more about Arktos Direct Care and our Direct Primary Care (DPC) memberships.  It’s health care reimagined. 

Welcome To Arktos Direct Care

Why Direct Primary Care


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model for primary care that puts the patient first.  DPC removes the constraints placed upon primary care by large insurance companies and third-party middlemen.  It affords more time at office visits, lower cost care, and more personalized decision making for each patient.  Through a membership based payment model, the physician and practice work for the interest of the patient, not the insurance company.  With upfront pricing and no surprise medical-billing patients are better able to understand where their healthcare costs are going and are allowed to have a say in their own healthcare.  Individual members and small businesses alike are seeing the benefits of a streamlined, cost effective model of care as DPC continues to grow around the country.

After careful consideration,  Kyle Hampton, DO and Aida Yavari, DO created Arktos Direct Care in 2018 as a locally-owned, patient-centered practice that provides an alternative approach to the way primary care is typically offered today. Having experienced the rushed and impersonal setting of large healthcare systems, Dr. Hampton and Dr. Yavari had a goal of practicing medicine the way it used to be. As an integrative, personal relationship between patients and their physician.  No third-party involvement to stand in the way of you and your personal health goals.  Insurance companies have strangled the art of medicine, and the statistics are clear that it does not benefit patient wellness.

Arktos Direct Care is a direct primary care practice that allows the physician to take the necessary time to listen to you deeply allowing individualized answers and personalized care. Your health is your greatest asset, so each and every health goal, concern, or question deserves time and attention.  With no-cost extended office visits and personalized access to your physician, emphasis can be placed on such things as a modification of risk factors, early disease detection, and education regarding prevention and treatment of medical diagnoses.  Patient and physician working closely together to help optimize health and not just treatment of disease or illness.

Arktos Direct Care – Your doctor, on your time, every time.

Direct Primary Care Is Better Health Care


Direct Primary Care membership at Arktos is all about better access to your physician and better overall health.


Membership Rates:

$115/month for Adults, $90+/month for children.

Discounts available for couples and families.


Direct Primary Care Can Save Your Business Money


Arktos Direct Care offers direct primary care memberships for your employees at discounted group rates.

Contact us to learn how you can save on your employee health benefits with direct primary care at Arktos.

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Direct Primary Care

Arktos Direct Care offers a wide range of primary-care services for patients who subscribe to a membership in our practice for a monthly fee.  Members enjoy personalized care without having to wait to see their doctor, no co-pays for office visits, and direct access to their doctor anytime they need it.

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Yavari and Dr. Weiner offer physician-performed facial aesthetic treatments to help you look as good as you feel.  Services include Potenza® radiofrequency treatments, Botox® or Xeomin® injections, dermal fillers, Kybella®, and microneedling treatments with PRP.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

Dr. Hampton uses a variety of hands-on methods to help diagnose, treat, and alleviate dysfunction or injury. His diverse techniques help to achieve improvement in movement and function of the musculoskeletal system.  This helps to improve pain, promote healing, and increase physical functioning.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine treatments are targeted therapies used to promote the body’s natural ability to heal from injury or chronic damage.  We use various treatments for aesthetics and musculoskeletal health.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Arktos Direct Care has partnered with Kairos Insight Counseling to provide this life changing therapy. 

Direct Primary Care
Direct Primary Care
Direct Primary Care


Dr. Hampton is amazing! I had a rib out of place on and off for years which led to chronic back pain and it started affecting my hips because of the way I was walking to compensate for the pain.  After 3 sessions of OMT with Dr. Hampton, I not only stopped having pain, but he also adjusted my hip and rib so everything is in alignment. Living with pain can become so debilitating and Dr. Hampton has simply changed my life! 

– Brandi, OMT Patient

I had been so hesitant to get any fillers or botox on my face because quite honestly, I thought everyone that received them ended up looking like they were wearing a plastic mask. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Yavari that my perception of cosmetic procedures changed. I received fillers and some botox injections that completely brightened and opened up my face without CHANGING how I looked. Dr. Yavari has an eye for beauty and symmetry that allowed her to address my needs in a subtle but very effective manner. LOVE DR. YAVARI.  

– Mina, Aesthetic Patient

Dr. Hampton is the best doctor I’ve experienced. He is attentive, personable, real and understanding. A+. Thanks doc for everything.

– Brandon, Primary Care Patient

Dr. Yavari met and far exceeded all expectations I had when I scheduled my appointment for fillers and Botox.  She expertly addressed my concerns and treated all areas with a gentle touch and expert hands.  I love that I look more youthful and rejuvenated.  And to top it off, I had no pain or swelling afterwards.  I cant recommend Dr. Yavari enough.  She definitely has an eye for beauty! 

– Audrey, Aesthetic Patient

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