Arktos Direct Care with Zion Healthshare

Zion Healthshare

Health insurance premiums and deductibles have sky-rocketed recently, driving afforable care out of the reaches of many patients. Not to mention the unexpected costs that often catch patients by surprise.

Have you been feeling more overwhelmed about how you can afford high-quality care?  Searching for some alternative to the high prices in the health insurance market?

Arktos Direct Care has your answer.  Arktos has partnered with Zion Healthshare to offer a more affordable option without the headache of co-pays or hidden costs.

Zion Healthshare is a proven insurance alternative that helps you keep your healthcare costs under control through medical cost-sharing.  You have known monthly costs and if you do need something outside of your Arktos Direct Primary Care Membership your need-based costs are set up front.  You’ll always know your out-of-pocket expenses before you receive care.  Best of all, your monthly expenses are often lower than insurance premiums.

In the end, you save money and know exactly what to expect from your healthcare related expenses.  That is a true sigh of relief that leads to peace of mind.

Arktos and Zion; working together to take the worry out of your healthcare decision making.




Ready For Peace of Mind and Better Health

When you sign up for any Direct Primary Care Membership you’ll have the option to add on Zion Healthshare.