Direct Primary Care Pricing

Direct Primary Care


Direct Primary Care

  • Child (6-17) – $90/month ($80/month when added to Adult account)
  • Adult (18+) – $115/month
  • Couple – $220/month
  • Single Parent (Adult with up to 4 children) – $275/month
  • Family (2 Adults with up to 4 children) – $350/month


Memberships available with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment plans.


All members are given 20% discount on Regenerative Medicine services and 10% discount on Aesthetic Treatments. 


Registration Fee: $75 per person, max of $150 per plan. 

Ready to sign up?

Click the link below to start the sign-up process.  All applications will be confirmed by a staff member before you are billed.  If you have questions or prefer to sign up in person, please contact our office at 970-818-2280.

Direct Primary Care Membership


No more co-pays, no more waiting. The time for better care is now, with Arktos.

Have questions or would like to set up a free DPC consultation visit?  

Click on the link and leave us a message and we will get back to you soon.