What is Arktos Direct Care?

Arktos Direct Care is a Direct Primary Care clinic in Fort Collins.  Arktos is a medical office, offering premium quality primary care to both adults and children through a membership based payment model. Other non-membership services include Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine, and Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an emerging model for primary care that gives patients access to high quality healthcare at a simple, flat membership rate.  DPC allows for closer patient-provider relationships.  Patients have direct access to their doctor without any third party involvement.  The physician is accountable to their patients only.  No third party billing, no insurance company hoops to jump through.  DPC has shown to lead to happier patients and happier doctors through better health outcomes, lower costs, and better patient experiences.

What is the payment structure?

Arktos Direct Care is a member-based direct primary care practice.  Membership includes all primary care office visits, an annual physical, annual labs, well child checks, sports physicals, and after hours care with access to the physician.  There are also a la carte procedure-based services offered, these include Osteopathic Manipulative Treatments, Prolotherapy, and Aesthetic Medicine.

Do you have co-payments?

No. As a member of Arktos, you will have access to a comprehensive array of primary care services.  Arktos does not cover ER services, hospitalizations, radiology or specialists.

Do I still need to have health insurance?

Yes, we still recommend you have some form of health coverage.  Your membership fee covers all primary care visits at Arktos clinic.  You need to carry some wrap-around plan to cover emergency room visits, hospitalizations, radiology, advanced laboratory testing, and specialists.  Typically, we recommend that have a high dedictible, low premium plan or health-shares to save on your monthly costs as Arktos will provide all of your primary care needs through your monthly membership.

Do you accept insurance or Medicare?

Arktos Direct Care will not directly bill any insurance or Medicare.

Do you offer services outside of your office hours?

Yes.  If you need attention after hours, Dr. Hampton is typically available by phone or text.  If it something that cannot be handled over the phone, Dr. Hampton can often meet you at the office.  Need sutures at 2 am?  As a member, we have you covered.

What do I do in case of emergency?

Please call 911 immediately.  Give us a call after you have called the paramedics so we can monitor your condition and work with the local emergency clinic to provide you with the best care possible.