Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common reasons that patients visit their doctor.  Whether the pain is due to injury, arthritis, or just poor body mechanics doesn’t matter to the patient.  The consequences are the same; a reduction in activity and functional ability.  As a result, patients are eager to find a solution to their joint pain.

Commonly, joint problems are treated with medications, physical therapy, and even surgery.  However, there may be other options.  At Arktos Direct Care, we use a variety of specialized techniques along with more traditional treatments to help alleviate joint pain.

PRP intra-articular (inside the joint) injections have been demonstrated to be highly effective for long-lasting relief of osteoarthritic joint pain.  PRP joint injections have been shown to be more successful than commonly used steroid injections and even the more-expensive hyaluronic acid injections.

Prolotherapy is a very effective treatment for stabilizing the soft tissue structures (ligaments and tendons) around a joint.  This results in increased overall stability in the joint and therefore a reduction in pain.  Also, by adding PRP to the prolotherapy treatment, we can significantly speed up overall recovery time.

Dr. Hampton uses both Prolotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) joint injections to treat some of the causes of joint pain. Therefore, patients have successfully avoided surgery as a result of these minimally invasive treatments.

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