A “PRP facial”? What in the world is that?


A good “face” month for me is not needing to break open my makeup remover at all. Frankly, it’s just one more step between me and dreamland, and anything I can do to expedite me getting my zzz’s is a win for me.


This is all the more true if you have young kids. Between baths and books and songs, you have about 9 steps before initiating the start of your own bedtime routine. Ok, so why do we wear makeup? I’m not talking about the “smoky eye” for that night out with your girls, or the lipstick you wear to offset day-3 of dry-shampooing your hair (oh wait, is that just me?). I’m talking about concealer, foundation, powder, blush, and bronzer. All that paint. And for what? To make your pores look smaller, your skin look brighter, and the texture of your skin that has seen sun, acne, pregnancy, and all the so-called blemishes, a little less noticeable so we can confidently face the day and look our best.


The question is, in the age of Real Wellness, shouldn’t we be taking care of our face at a deeper layer so that makeup is only for fun and not for function? Can we actually restore our skin while slowing down the aging process of our skin? Absolutely. That’s why I’m such a crazy fanatic for microneedling with PRP. A PRP facial does a lot more than anything you will put topically on your skin. During your microneedling with PRP procedure, we harvest your own body’s healing factors by drawing your blood and spinning it down in the centrifuge and drawing only the platelet-rich plasma. The microneedling device creates thousands of microchannels directly into the dermis where your fibroblasts and capillaries are working, and gives us a way to infuse your body’s own growth factors directly where it is needed. This is what results in healing and restoration of your skin, and gives patients the “glow” without the makeup aisle’s influence. A PRP facial isn’t the only way to improve overall skin texture. If you have oily skin, combination skin, or just want better control over acne, an infusion of Botox into the microchannels works phenomenally well. Similar to Microneedling with PRP, the steps are the same except the workhorse is Botox instead of PRP. By permeating the very layer of skin that is in charge of the production of oil glands and sweat glands with Botox, we shrink the dermal elements that are your troublemakers. It really improves the overall “finish” of your skin, especially if you’re dealing with blackheads on your forehead, nose, chin, or cheeks. Now that you know all about Microneedling with PRP (otherwise known as a PRP facial) or Microneedling with Botox, you can look at the makeup aisle differently. Only you can decide if you want to cover up your skin or radiate it from the inside out.