Sedera Health + Arktos DPC – Premium Healthcare Without Insurance

Have you heard about Sedera Health?  What about medical cost sharing?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by rising healthcare costs? Insurance premiums going up again? For a large number of Americans, this is the new reality. Monthly health insurance costs increase every year while at the same time out-of-pocket deductibles have sky-rocketed.

In 2018, the average monthly cost for health insurance for an individual was $440.00 and for a family of 4 the average cost rose to $1,168.00, per month. That’s $14,016.00 per year. But wait, there’s more. The average deductible for that same family was $8,232.00 with many plans being over $10,000.00. What does all this mean? Well, if you need any major medical coverage for your family, be prepared to pay about $22,000 in out-of-pocket costs before your insurance kicks in.

It’s no wonder we keep hearing about medical costs leading to bankruptcy. The true cost of “affordable” healthcare is simply not affordable. We can’t afford to get sick anymore. Or, can we? Isn’t there a better way.

Well, there are better options out there for you. Sedera Health is one of those options. Sedera Health uses a medical cost-sharing model to challenge the status quo of health insurance that many of us have become so frustrated with. Instead of making payments to an insurance company that may or may not have your best interests at heart, medical cost-share members make payments to a community fund and those funds are only drawn upon when they are needed. Typically, members can save between 30-50% of what they were paying in insurance premiums and can chose a set amount that they are willing to pay as an initial unsharable amount. So, you get lower costs and predictable expenses for those times when you do have major medical events.

Sedera Health also offers members much more than just medical cost sharing. Services include personal health advisors, telemedicine with physicians, bill negotiating, and expert second opinions. All this helps to keep you informed so that you and your doctor can make the best decisions possible about your health. Have you ever tried to call up an insurance company to get advice about what specialist you should see or what the best course of treatment is? Probably wont ever happen.

At Arktos Direct Care we believe that great healthcare should be afforable and predictable for our members and that is why we have decided to partner with Sedera Health. With your Direct Primary Care membership at Arktos you can add Sedera Health medical cost sharing to help with those larger major medical expenses. Let your Arktos physician take care of all your primary and preventative care issues and rely on Sedera Health for the other wraparound medical needs for a total healthcare solution.

Arktos Direct Care + Sedera Health working together to help you on your journey to great health. It’s premium quality healthcare without the high cost of insurance premiums and out-of-reach, out-of-pocket expenses. Click Here to be taken to our information page, or better yet, call the office for your free consultation to see how Direct Primary Care at Arktos Direct Care can work for you. Our office number is 970-818-2280.