As of late, direct primary care has become a much more relevant and even preferred method of receiving health care across the country. This is no exception when it comes to DPC clinics in Fort Collins. With health care being a hot-button issue for quite some time now, people are looking for better options aside from traditional primary care and the dreaded third-party insurance carriers.  

The direct primary care, or DPC model of health care charges patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee for a membership that covers all or most primary care services. These services can cover clinical, laboratory, and consultative services, and care coordination and management. The benefits of DPC include substantial savings for patients and more access to health care providers.

After careful consideration, Dr. Hampton, a family medicine doctor in Fort Collins, created Arktos Direct Care in 2018, one of the newest direct primary care clinics in Fort Collins. It is a physician-owned, patient-centered practice that provides an alternative approach to the way primary care is usually offered in this day and age. No more rushed or impersonal settings. Dr. Hampton practices medicine the way it used to be—an integrative, personal relationship between the patient and the doctor.

As if that weren’t attractive enough, when it comes to this DPC clinic in Fort Collins, there is no third-party involvement standing in the way of you and your personal health goals. The only thing that insurance companies have managed to do is strangle the art of medicine, and the statistics are clear that it does not benefit patient wellness overall.

Arktos Direct Care is a direct primary care practice that enables the physician to take their time listening to you and allows for individualized answers and personalized care. With no copay, extended office visits, and personalized access to your physician, emphasis can instead be placed on overall care, including modification of risk factors, early disease detection, and education. This type of healthcare framework better allows for the patient and physician to work together to optimize health and not just treat illness or disease. Arktos Direct Care specializes in primary care, aesthetic medicine, prolotherapy, and osteopathic manipulative treatment. At Arktos Direct Care, your health, questions, needs, and schedule come first, on your own terms. We remove the barriers that impede great health care. Visit our website at or call us today at 970-818-2280.